Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who needs a diploma?

I think we don’t need diplomas I think we need our skills to be more develop not only in school but also outside the formal schooling. Sometimes you can learn a lot outside the box. Four years to get a satisfying diploma, then what kind of work will you get? I know a cum laude that was not appointed to deliver a speech but his classmate that doesn’t even have a complete attendance. And the one who gave the speech and is not a cum laude is now a billionaire. A lot of people in our country don’t have the purchasing power to complete their needs. They don’t have the money to enroll their children or even themselves. Even a janitor had his degree studied math and sciences and does not even use it. One good example is my dad. He could not finish his college because they don’t have much and they are nine siblings so he has helped her mother for them to survive. Anyway he told me stories and a lot of his knowledge right now is all based on his experience a lot of it came from outside the school. I will always remember what he said to me “ala man problema extra effort mu”(there are no problems only extra effort). Right now he is the vice-president of a group called the ADCL (Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon) and a consultant of a Japanese construction firm KAJIMA and some other jobs. And he earns more than my mom and my mom is a doctor graduated at University of Santo Thomas.
Who needs a diploma?
Normal people do because they wouldn’t waste their time learning and focus all their attention in passing. Craving to wear the toga and they cant wait to hold the diploma then marry someone then have kids then live their lives happily ever after. Some normal people graduate then they work as a waiter, a janitor or as the cashier in the tollgate of an expressway. One of my friends told me that “ing normal a tau iya pin ing taung kontroladu nang masalese ning sosyedad, ambuski pa atin yang kabulukan ini”(a normal human is the one being controlled by the society, even if it is rotten).


Vic Romero said...

Ustu ca, Diego, ing pamagaral qng colegiu e para caring egana-ganang tau. Ating mapilan a taung masensu bie aguiang e la lungub qng colegiu. Uli mong megaral ya ing metung a tau, e na buring sabian a micualta ya. Nung magaling ya ing tau qng negocio, mapalyaring micualta ya aguiang e magaral. Pero atin murin taung, aguiang masenso la bie aguiang e la magaral, mapalyari muring lalo lang miragdagan a balu, nung magaral la.

kei said...

wa pin ustu ca ca rin. maniwala cu na ali mu manangga ing kabiasnan qng eskwela. e egana ganang megaral menasensu qng bie. yacu, metung cu careng tau na alang diploma. ali que ayari ing kursu cu pero uling ali ke nilimitahan ing sarili cu queng pamagaral, mamasa cu maski nanung pwedeng basan impormasyon. mecasawup ita para makapantun cu obra qng maragul kumpanya. designer cu ngeni.
atsu mu qng diskarte qng bie basta samasnan mu at panubaya mu qng Babo.

Diego Marx said...

yup in a way atin yang istu ini pero kalupa tang sabi nang kong vic sayang murin ing karagdagang kabaluan, practis kemu yan para king English writing ku,. pero ing popoint kumu ken atin kasing taung pagmaragul dala reng kapirasung papil a migulisan tinta na neng kayi reng tau malilimit la kareng pedi rang gawan., salamat pu kareng komentu ini pung blog ayni eku ne agagamit kc akalingwan ke password ku heheh