Friday, December 28, 2007

try me happily

o pls../ dont be../ dont be mean/ mean to me
cause you/ i hate you/ you just wait/ wait and see
well here/ comes my friend/ myself/ and me
i'll/ go to you/ and take you/ over me

i'll/ i'll cry out/ cry out loud/ out loud there
well/ no one's there/ to hear me/ well somewhere
then/ i'll whisper/ to your ears/ "i am near"
i'll/ go to you/ then take you/ over me

with/ this blood/ explains all/ all of this
well/ goodbye/ goodbye/ youre dismissed
tnx/ for your time/ now to find/ someone near
i'll/ go to him/ and take him/ over me

no i'm/ not afraid/ and dont be/ so silly
give up?/ wont you try/ try me/ happily

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